jy;uv;el a;|f: d s;Ij;
jy;uv;el a;|f: d s;Ij;

Jewel of the Seas

b;rec; idv;s; k>u:z;es; (cruises) b;ddl Aek:l] h;et;]. aK;erIs; t;;e y;;eg; a;l;. t;s;e a;mhI s;g;Le s;;x;]k:c; h;et;;e. k:;r[; s;;t; idv;s; s;t;t; b;;e!Iv;r k:;$;y;c;e he k:s;] k:;y; j;m;el as;] v;;!t; h;et;]. n;em;k]: ty;; idv;s;];t; storm v;g;Ere a;l] t;r k:;y; h;ew*l hIdeK;Il B;It;I h;et;I. k:;e[;;l; b;;e! l;g;el k:I k:;y; hI a;[;K;I Ak: k:;Lj;I ` m;ul] t;r b;Ry;;p;Ek:I G;;b;rlI h;et;I. p;[; y;;p;Uv;I* k>u:z;v;r j;;~n; a;leDy;; s;v;;*]n;I (m;ul;]cy;; im;F;-m;EiF;[;I]n;I deK;Il) h; p;>k:;r f:;r %;n; as;Dy;;c;; in;v;;*L; idl;. it;q;e ag;dI #;|k!r-h;|isp;!lp;y;*]t; s;v;* s;;ew* Wp;lbQ; as;t;;t; as;] k:Ll]. ty;;m;uLe k:;Lj;I j;r; k:m;I z;;lI.

a;mhI r;|y;l k|:irib;y;n; k:]p;n;Icy;; 'jy;uv;el a;|f: d s;I' n;;v;;cy;; b;;e!Iv;r s;;t; idv;s;-s;h; r;F;I r;h[;;r h;et;;e. ke:m;n; a;y;l]# (
Cayman Island) n;;v;;c;; Ak: %;e!;s;; b;e!v;j;; dex;, m;eiks;k:;em;Q;Il k:;es!; m;;y;; (Costa Maya) v; k:;|z;m;l (Cozumel) a;i[; fl;eir#;m;Q;Il k:I v;es! b;e!e (Key West Islands) y;; i@k:;[;I hI b;;e! q;;]b;[;;r h;et;I. Hy;; b;e!;]v;r v;eg;^y;;v;eg;^y;; !us;* G;et;; y;et;;t;, p;[; ty;;]c;] irz;v;e*x;n; x;ky;t;;e in;G;;y;cy;; a;Q;I 10 idv;s;;]p;y;*]t; online ik:]v;; f:;en;v;r k:r;y;c;] as;t;]. n;]t;r im;Lelc; as;] s;;]g;t;; y;et; n;;hI. iv;m;;n;;s;;rK;]c; b;;e!Iv;rhI check-in k:r;v;] l;g;t;]. t;ehI x;ky;t;;e in;G;;y;cy;; a;Q;I 4 idv;s;;]p;y;*]t; online ke:Dy;;s; n;]t;r s;;ep;] p;#t;].

Fort Lauderdale
k>u:z; fl;eir#;m;Q;Il f:;e!* l;|#r#el y;eq;Un; in;G;[;;r h;et;;. ty;;m;uLe a;mhI a;Q;I ny;U j;s;I*hUn; fl;eir#;l; iv;m;;n;;n;e g;el;e. it;q;e p;;e!* Avhrgle#s; Hy;; b;]dr;t;Il
Pier 25 v;On; a;m;c;I b;;e! in;G;[;;r h;et;I. f:;e!* l;|#r#el Aarp;;e!*v;On; !|ks;I k:On; a;mhI p;;e!* Avhrgle#s; b;]dr;l; g;el;e. Hy;;l; j;em;t;em; 10-15 im;in;!e l;g;t;;t;. r;|y;l k|:irib;y;n;c;; wnx;urns; G;et;Dy;;s; ty;;]c;Ic; b;s; iv;m;;n;t;L;v;On; p;;e!* Avhrgle#s;l; G;e~n; j;;t;e. Hy;; 10-15 im;in;!;]cy;; p;>v;;s;;t; s;v;;*]c;e p;;s;p;;e!* ik:]v;; a;eLK;p;F;] t;p;;s;t;;t;. U.S. citizens a;i[; Green Card holders n;; ke:m;n; a;y;l]# ik:]v;; m;eiks;k:;ec;; ivhs;; Gy;;v;; l;g;t; n;;hI.

k>u:z; s;]Qy;;k:;LI 5 v;;j;t;; s;u![;;r h;et;;, p;[; dup;;rI b;;r; v;;j;Dy;;p;;s;Un;c; b;;e!Iv;r
check-in k:rt;; y;et; h;et;]. a;mhI s;;Q;;r[; dI#cy;; m;;n;;n;e p;;e!* Avhrgle#s; b;]dr;v;r ip;ar k>:. 25 k:#e p;;ec;l;e. it;q;e 'jy;uv;el a;|f: d s;I' idm;;K;;t; WB;I h;et;I. b;;e!Icy;; a;t; ix;r;y;cy;; a;t;c; a;p;l] s;;m;;n; c;ek:-wn; k:rt;; y;et;]. b;;k:Ic;] s;;m;;n; c;ek:-wn; k:On;, f:kt; h|}#b;|g;; G;e~n; a;mhI a;t; g;el;e. it;q;e iv;m;;n;t;L;v;r as;t;;t; t;x;; r;]g;; h;ety;;. it;q;e p;;s;p;;e!*, it;ik:!], wnx;urns;, wty;;id k:;g;dp;F;] t;p;;s;t; h;et;e. h|}#b;|gj;c;I s;urZ;; t;p;;s;[;IhI z;;lI.

b;;e!It; ix;rt;;n;; p;>ty;ek: ku:!u]b;;c;; g;>up; f:;e!;e k:;$t; h;et;e. p;>ty;ek: b;e!;v;r Wt;rDy;;v;rhI as;ec; f:;e!;e k:;$t; h;et;e. ix;v;;y; b;;e!Iv;rIl f:;|m;*l res!r;|} m;Qy;e deK;Il ax;; p;>k:;rc;e f:;e!;e k:;$;y;c;e. m;g; he f:;e!;e t;e b;;e!Iv;rIl f:;e!;e g;|lrIm;Qy;e l;v;;y;c;e. jy;;l; hv;e ty;;n;e iv;k:t; Gy;;v;e. he f:;e!;e l;v;lelI x;uB;ec%;p;F;e (
greeting cards) deK;Il k:On; im;Lt; h;et;I. a;mh;l; p;>ty;ek:;l; Identity cards s;;rK;I k:;#*] idlI h;et;I. b;;e!Iv;r k:;hIhI iv;k:t; Gy;;y;c;] z;;Dy;;s; he k:;#* ke>:i#! k:;#*s;;rK;] v;;p;rt;; y;ew*. ix;v;;y; b;;e!Iv;On; b;e!;v;r a;t;b;;her k:r;y;cy;; v;eLIhI he k:;#* t;p;;s;[y;;t; y;ew*.

Coral Theater
b;;e! ag;dI %;n; p;>x;st; t;er; m;j;lI h;et;I. k:;hI m;j;Dy;;]v;r f:kt; ke:ib;ns; h;ety;;, t;r wt;r;]v;r ke:ib;ns; a;i[; wt;r g;;e{!I mh[;j;e res!r;|}, p;;eh[y;;c;e t;l;v;, k|:is;n;;e, b;;ske:!b;;|l k:;e!*, !eb;l-!ein;s;, duk:;n;],
conference rooms, theaters, miniature golf course, rock climbing wall, jogging track, vy;;y;;m;x;;L;, v;;c;n;;ly;, computer room v; Explorer's Court v;g;Ere h;et;]. v;rcy;; m;j;Dy;;]v;r open-air decks h;et;e. b;Ry;;c; m;j;Dy;;]v;r b;;Dk:n;Is;;rK;] h;et;]. Ak:; i@k:;[;I, heilk:;|p!r Wt;r[y;;s;;@I helIp;|#hI h;et;]. k:]py;u!r-om;m;Qy;e Internet v; email access h;et;;. Explorer's Court m;Qy;e a;p;[; ty;; v;eLI p;&qv;Iv;r n;em;ke: ku:@e a;h;et; t;e Ak:; screen v;r ids;;y;c;].

ke:ib;ns; t;x;; %;e!Y;x;;c;, p;[; vy;v;isq;t; a;!;ep;x;Ir h;ety;;. p;>ty;ek: ke:ib;n;m;Qy;e Ak: #b;lb;e# ik:]v;; d;en; is;]g;l b;e#s;, #Mes;r, !eb;l-K;uc;I*, !I.vhI., f>:Ij;, iB;]t;It;lI k:p;;!] (
closets) a;i[; b;;q;om;-!;|y;le! h;et;e. b;;e! s;m;ud>;t; as;t;;n;; iK;#k:It;Un; s;m;ud> ids;e a;i[; b;]dr;l; l;g;lI as;Dy;;s; b;e!x;hr ids;e. r;ej; s;k:;LI 'Cruise Compass' n;;v;;c;] b;;e!Is;]b;]Q;Ic;] v;t;*m;;n;p;F;, ty;; idv;x;Icy;; m;ul;]cy;; p;>;eg;>|m;m;Qy;e k:;y; a;he t;e p;F;k:, ty;; idv;x;I jy;; b;e!;v;r j;;[;;r ty;;c;I s;]p;U[;* m;;iht;I, it;k:#e k:;y;-k:;y; b;G;[y;;-k:r[y;;s;;rK;] a;he t;I m;;iht;I, it;k:#cy;; duk:;n;;]m;Qy;e v;;p;r[y;;s;;@I ku:p;ns; as;] b;r]c; k:;hI ke:ib;n;m;Qy;e a;[;Un; det;. l]c;, i#n;r, b;>ek:f:;s! w. s;;@I om; s;ivh*s;hI Wp;lbQ; h;et;I.

a;mh;l; wq;e y;;y;cy;; a;Q;I k:;e[;;l;
motion sickness y;ew*l k:; ax;I B;It;I v;;!t; h;et;I, p;[; hI Av;$I m;;e@I h;|!els;;rK;I b;;e! hllelI k:Lt; deK;Il n;;hI. Ak:d;c; s;m;ud>;v;r j;r; j;;st; j;;er;c;; v;;r; c;;ll; h;et; ty;; r;F;I b;;e! ik:]ic;t; hlDy;;s;;rK;I v;;!t; h;et;I. t;Is;uQd; aZ;rx;/ p;>v;;x;;]cy;; p;;e!;t;l] p;;[;IdeK;Il n; hlv;t;;. m;;F; p;ihDy;;c; idv;x;I s;kt;In;e Lifeboat Drill c;I Trial G;et;lI h;et;I. ty;;v;eLI w*m;j;*ns;Icy;; p;irisq;t;It; k:;y; k:r;v;e, l;w*f: j;|ke:! k:s;e v;;p;r;v;e w. s;Uc;n;; idDy;; g;eDy;;. dr idv;x;I s;]Qy;;k:;LI b;;e! j;evh; Ak:; b;]dr;t;Un; dus;Ry;; b;]dr;k:#e j;;y;l; in;G;e, t;evh; a;mhI Ak:; a;ep;n; #ek:v;r j;;~n; a|}k:r k:s;; k:;$t;;t; t;e b;G;t; as;U. jy;; idv;x;I j;;st; j;;er;c;; v;;r; h;et;; ty;; idv;x;I m;;F; a;mhI it;q;e g;el;e t;evh; v;;Ry;;cy;; Wl! idx;en;e c;;lt;;c; y;et; n;vht;] a;i[; v;;Ry;;cy;; idx;en;e c;;lt;;n;; $k:ll] g;eDy;;s;;rK;] h;et; h;et;] `

Formal Restaurant
cruises v;r K;;[y;;ip;[y;;c;I n;us;t;I c;]g;L as;t;e. b;hut;ek: s;v;* i@k:;[;I K;;[;] fu:k:! as;t;]. ip;[y;;m;Qy;e alcoholic drinks v; s;;e#; (k:;ek:, p;eps;I, w.) p;Es;e de~n; Gy;;v;] l;g;t;]. c;h;-k:;|f:I-jy;Us;-lem;;en;e# fu:k:! as;t;;t;, p;[; ty;;]cy;; k:;hI specialty shops m;Qy;e m;;F; iv;k:t; Gy;;v;I l;g;t;;t;. res!r;|} v;eg;v;eg;^y;; p;>k:;rc;I (w!;ily;n;, c;;y;n;Ij;, m;eiks;k:n;, am;eirk:n;, im;X, w.) as;t;;t;. k:;hI formal as;t;;t;. it;q;e formal k:p;#e G;;lUn; j;;y;c;] as;t;] a;i[; 4 t;e 6 courses c;] j;ev;[; as;t;]. ax;; res!r;|}m;Qy;e a;Q;Ip;;s;Un; irz;v;e*x;n; l;g;t;]. b;hut;ek: i@k:;[;I hedeK;Il iv;n;;m;UDy;c; as;t;].

Buffet Restaurant
K;;[y;;ip;[y;;c;I K;rI relc;el m;;F; b;ufe: p;Qdt;Ic;] j;ev;[; as;leDy;;
casual k|:fe: res!r;|}m;Qy;e as;t;e. n;us;ty;; s;|l|#cy;; p;>k:;r;]c;; Ak: iv;B;;g;, s;Ups;c;; Ak: iv;B;;g;, f:Le, s;|}#iv;c;es;, m;uKy; i#x;es;, sv;I! i#x;es;c;; p;>ty;ek:I Ak: iv;B;;g; as;e b;rec; v;eg;v;eg;Le iv;B;;g; as;t;;t;. jy;;l; j;s;] K;;[;] hv;] t;s;] in;v;#Un; G;et;; y;et;]. a;w*sk>:Im;c;;hI Ak: s!;|l h;et;;. Ak: a;]t;rr;{!MIy; K;;dYp;d;q;;*]c;;hI iv;B;;g; h;et;;. ty;;t; c;;y;n;Ij;, j;p;;n;I, m;eiks;k:n;, w!;ily;n; w. v;eg;v;eg;^y;; p;Qdt;Ic;e p;d;q;* h;et;e. Ak:d; ic;k:n; ib;y;;*[;I v; p;;p;# h;et;e t;r dus;Ry;; Ak:; idv;x;I Ak: vhej; k:rI h;et;I. Hy;; res!r;|}c;; m;uKy; x;ef: B;;rt;Iy; as;Dy;;n;e ty;;t; k:;hI n;v;l v;;![y;;j;;eg;] n;vht;]. t;s;] hDlI am;eirke:t;, iv;x;e{;t;/ ny;U j;s;I*t; ku:@ehI k:;hIhI B;;rt;Iy; p;;h;y;c;I s;v;y; z;;lelIc; a;he. 'm;es;I' m;Q;e ku:t;e* p;;h[y;;p;;s;Un; t;e 'b;;|#*r b;uks; a|}# my;uiz;k:' m;Qy;e 'a;em; j;y; j;g;dIx; hre' Aek:[y;;p;y;*]t;c;e an;uB;v; a;Dy;;m;uLe a;Sc;y;* v;;!t;c; n;;hI.

b;;e!Iv;rcy;; s!;f:m;Qy;ehI k:;hI B;;rt;Iy; h;et;e. t;e ag;dI a;p;lep;[;;n;e ih]dIt; b;;el;y;c;e. p;>v;;x;;]m;Qy;ehI t;In;-c;;r B;;rt;Iy; ku:!u]b;e h;et;I. (y;;t;hI a;t;; k:;hI iv;x;e{; v;;!t; n;;hI. m;;|lm;Qy;e g;eDy;;v;r p;>ty;ek: duk:;n;;t; a;p;Dy;;K;erIj; 1-2 B;;rt;Iy; ku:!u]b;e ids;t;;t; ik:]v;;
amusement park l; g;eDy;;v;r p;>ty;ek: attraction cy;; r;]g;et; a;p;Dy;;K;erIj; 1-2 B;;rt;Iy; ku:!u]b;e ids;t;;t;. k:Q;Ik:Q;I j;;st;c;.) ty;;]p;Ek:I Ak: g;uj;r;q;I ku:!u]b; a;Q;I b;rec; v;{;*] m;u]b;w*t; r;ihlel] h;et;]. ty;;m;uLe t;I m;;[;s;] a;m;cy;;x;I sv;c% m;r;@It; b;;elt;.

b;;e!Iv;rc;; b;;k:I s!;f:hI K;Up; %;n; b;;el;y;c;;-v;;g;;y;c;;. h; j;rI ty;;]cy;; vy;v;s;;y;;c;;c; Ak: B;;g; as;l;, ty;;]n;; j;rI ag;dI he
manners p;$v;lele as;le, t;rI p;>v;;x;;]v;r ax;; hs;t;m;uK;, s;]B;;{;[;ku:x;l, s;ev;;t;tp;r s!;f:c;; n;kk:Ic; an;uku:l p;ir[;;m; h;et;;e. n;ehm;Ic;] routine s;;e#Un; vacation s;;@I a;leDy;;]n;; ax;; v;;t;;v;r[;;t; K;r]c; ag;dI p;>s;nn; a;i[; Wts;;hI v;;!t;]. ag;dI out of the way j;;~n; he l;ek: a;m;cy;;x;I g;pp;; m;;r;y;c;e, k:;y; hv;] n;k:;e t;e iv;c;;r;y;c;e. a;m;c;I ke:ib;n; s;;f: k:r[;;rI b;;w* r;ej; n;v;In; !;|v;eDs;-n;|p;ik:ns; @ev;t;;n;; ax;; G;#Y; k:On; @ev;I k:I ty;;]cy;;t;Un; s;s;;, ku:F;;, m;;k:#, hT;I as;e v;eg;v;eg;Le a;k:;r ids;t;. b;ufe: p;Qdt;Icy;; res!r;|}m;Qy;edeK;Il it;k:#c;e v;e!s;* aQ;Un;-m;Q;Un; !eb;lj;v;L y;e~n; k:;hI hv;] k:; t;e iv;c;;r;y;c;e a;i[; g;rj; p;#Dy;;s; t;I v;st;U a;[;Un;hI dY;y;c;e.

Birthday Decorations and Cake
ax;; k>u:z;es;v;r v;;$idv;s;,
anniversary as;e K;;s; idv;s; deK;Il s;;j;re k:rt;; y;et;;t;. a;mhI it;q;e as;t;;n;; m;;zy;; m;ul;c;; v;;$idv;s; h;et;;. ty;; idv;x;I ty;;]n;I a;m;c;I ke:ib;n; birthday decorations n;I s;j;v;Un; @ev;lI h;et;I a;i[; Ak: b;q;*#e ke:k:hI idl; h;et;;. Hy;;l; c;;j;* p;#t;;e, p;[; hI s;;ey; a;m;cy;;s;;@I a;m;cy;; !M|vhl Aj;ns;In;e ke:lI h;et;I.

b;ufe: res!r;|}m;Qy;e Ak:; s!;|lv;r a;p;Dy;;l; hv;; t;s;; ip;zz;; sv;t;/ b;n;v;t;; y;;y;c;;. it;k:#e ip;zz;; b;>e#s;, c;Ij;, s;;|s;, k:;]d;-!;em;|!;ec;e WB;e ic;rlele t;uk:#e, B;;jy;;]c;e t;uk:#e, ic;k:n;-s;l;m;I-s;;|s;ej;c;e t;uk:#e, p;ep;r;en;Icy;; c;k:ty;; w. s;;ihty; @ev;lel] as;;y;c;]. a;p;[; hv;] t;e ip;zz;; b;>e#v;r p;s;On; Gy;;y;c;] a;i[; it;k:#cy;; m;;[;s;;k:#e avhn;m;Qy;e @ev;;y;l; dY;y;c;]. as;]c; b;>ek:f:;s!cy;; v;eLI a;p;Dy;;l; hv;] t;s;] a;m;le! k:On; im;Lt; as;e. b;>ek:f:;s!cy;; v;eLIhI K;;[y;;ip;[y;;c;I ax;Ic; vhr;y;!I h;et;I. v;eg;v;eg;^y;; p;>k:;rcy;;
cereals, f:L], b;>e#c;e v;eg;v;eg;Le p;>k:;r, g;rm;q;]# dUQ;, c;h;, k:;|f:I, jy;Us;c;e 2-3 p;>k:;r, a]#Y;]c;e 2-3 p;>k:;r, s;;|s;eje;s;, b;ek:n;, b;eg;l-v;;|f:l-p;|n;ke:k:-#;en;!-m;if:ns;c;e iv;iv;Q; p;>k:;r as;] s;g;L] p;;hUn; k:;y; K;;~ in; k:;y; n;k:;e as;] vh;y;c;]. y;;c;; p;ir[;;m; a;m;cy;; v;j;n;;]v;r z;;l;c; ` p;[; k>u:z;v;r j;;~n; a;leDy;; s;v;;*]c;I v;j;n;] v;;$t;;t; as;] Aek:l] a;i[; p;;ihl] as;Dy;;n;e 'p;rt; g;eDy;;v;r vy;;y;;m; ik:]v;; #;A! k:O' as;] m;n;;l; s;m;j;;v;t; a;mhI K;;[y;;v;r t;;v; m;;rIt; r;ihl;e.

Solarium Cafe
p;[; b;;e!Iv;r t;x;;
activities hI B;rp;Ur as;t;;t;. Jogging track a;i[; gym s;uQd; as;t;]. a;mhI t;e v;;p;rl] n;;hI t;rI p;;eh[;], r;|k: kl;wimb;]g;, im;in;Ac;r g;;eDf: v;g;Ere ke:l]. Solarium Caf n;;v;;cy;; Ak:; i@k:;[;I p;;eh[y;;c;; t;l;v; a;i[; k|:fe: Ak:m;ek:;]n;; l;g;Un;c; h;et;e. a;j;Ub;;j;Ul; b;rIc; z;;#]-z;u#up;] h;et;I. b;;heOn; p;;ihDy;;s; wq;e Greenhouse v;g;Ere a;he k:; as;] v;;!;y;c;]. y;;K;erIj; a;[;K;I d;en; isv;im;]g; p;UDs; h;et;e. ix;v;;y; m;ul;]s;;@I Ak: v;eg;L;, k:m;I K;;elIc;; t;l;v;deK;Il h;et;;. ty;;t; G;s;rg;u]#Y;, !n;eDs;, v;g;Ere m;ul;]n;; a;v;#[;;Ry;; g;;e{!I h;ety;;. m;ul] t;r ag;dI m;n;s;;ekt; p;;ehlI. m;;z;I m;ulg;I r;|k: kl;wimb;]g; v;;|l p;U[;* c;$Un; g;elI a;i[; ty;; iB;]t;Icy;; ag;dI v;r !;]g;lelI G;]!;hI t;I v;;j;v;U x;k:lI. b;rIc; m;;e@I m;;[;s;] deK;Il p;U[;* c;$Un; j;;~ x;k:t; n;;hIt; ty;;m;uLe t;I Ak:dm; K;U{; z;;lI h;et;I.

special activities s;uQd; h;ety;;. 'Adventure Ocean' n;;v;;c;; Ak: K;;s; p;>;eg;>|m; m;ul;]s;;@I @ev;l; h;et;;. hI K;r]t;r b;eb;Iis;!I]g;c;I s;;ey; h;et;I. s;k:;LI 9 t;e 12, dup;;rI 1 t;e 5 a;i[; s;]Qy;;k:;LI 7 t;e 10 wq;e m;ul;]n;; s;;e#Un; j;;t;; y;e~ x;k:t; h;et;]. (k:;hI idv;x;I m;ul;]n;; ip;zz;; i#n;r h;et;], ty;; idv;x;I s;]Qy;;k:;Lc;; p;>;eg;>|m; s;;#es;h;l; s;uO h;ew*.) hI s;;ey;hI iv;n;;m;UDy; h;et;I. r;F;I 10 t;e 1 @ev;;y;c;] z;;Dy;;s; t;;s;;l; p;;c; #;|lr f:I h;et;I. a;mhI idv;s;; m;ul;]n;; ty;;-ty;; b;e!;v;rik:n;;Ry;;v;r n;et; as;U ty;;m;uLe ty;;]n;; f:kt; s;]Qy;;k:;LIc; 'Adventure Ocean' m;Qy;e p;;@v;t; as;U. p;[; ty;;]n;; it;q;e wt;k]: a;v;#t; as;e k:I ty;;]n;; Wl! it;q;e j;;st; rh;v;s;] v;;!e.

'Adventure Ocean' m;Qy;e 3 t;e 5, 6 t;e 8 a;i[; 9 t;e 11 as;e v;y;;eg;! p;;#Un; Hy;; m;ul;]n;; v;eg;v;eg;^y;; p;>k:;rc;e K;eL K;eL;y;l; dY;y;c;e, art and craft activities k:On; Gy;;y;c;e, g;;e{!I s;;]g;;y;c;e. s;;y;ns; v; sea-life x;I s;]b;]iQ;t;s;uQd; K;eL, activities as;;y;cy;; a;i[; m;;iht;I dY;y;c;e. m;uKy; mh[;j;e y;; m;ul;]n;; a;p;Dy;;c; v;y;;c;I m;ul] B;e!Dy;;m;uLe ty;;]n;; K;Up; g;]m;t; y;;y;c;I. ag;dI lh;n; m;ul] (6 m;ihny;;]cy;; v;rc;I v; 3 v;{;;*]K;;lc;I) a;i[; 12 v;{;;*]c;I m;ul] v; !In;Aj;s;* y;;]cy;;s;;@I deK;Il K;;s; p;>;eg;>|ms; h;et;e. m;I m;ul;]n;; ty;;]cy;; n;ehm;Icy;; z;;ep;ecy;; v;eLep;>m;;[;e s;;#ea;@-n;~l; a;[;;y;l; g;ele k:I t;I aZ;rx;/ h;t;p;;y; a;p;!;y;c;I. k:Q;I m;l; ty;;]c;I ty;; v;eLel; c;;llelI activity s;]p;ep;y;*]t; q;;]b;;y;l; l;g;;y;c;] t;r k:Q;I k:Q;I t;I m;l; aQy;;* t;;s;;n;e y;e, Ak:; t;;s;;n;e y;e as;] s;;]g;;y;c;I. Ak:d; t;r a;mh;l; k:;hI g;rj; n;s;t;;n;; ke:v;L ty;;]n;; g;]m;t; k:r;y;c;I h;et;I mh[;Un; ty;;]n;; late night program m;Qy;e 11 v;;j;ep;y;*]t; @ev;l].

m;ul;]cy;; Hy;; p;>;eg;>|m;m;uLe a;mh;l; b;Ry;;c; v;{;;*]n;I vheke:x;n;m;Q;l; q;;e#; v;eL ag;dI sv;t;/s;;@I im;L;l;. dm;l;e as;l;e t;r Hy;; v;eL;t; a;mhI n;us;t;ec; ke:ib;n;m;Qy;e b;s;Un; v;;c;;y;c;;e ik:]v;; !I.vhI. b;G;;y;c;;e. n;;hIt;r p;U[;* b;;e!B;r if:On; Gy;;y;c;;e, it;k:#cy;; duk:;n;;]m;Qy;e iv;n#;e x;;|ip;]g; k:r;y;c;;e, a;!* g;|lrI, f:;e!;e g;|lrI, l;y;b;>rI, k:]py;u!r-om;m;Qy;e j;;y;c;;e. Ak:d; k|:is;n;;em;Qy;e m;;f:k: p;Es;ehI G;;lv;Un; a;l;e. ku:@e n;;c;-g;;[;] c;;lU as;;y;c;], ku:@e
stand up comedy t;r k:u@e art auction ` n;us;t;] m;Q;Dy;; l;|b;It; b;s;Un; t;e r]g;Ib;er]g;I, Wts;;hI v;;t;;v;r[; p;h;y;l; deK;Il m;j;; y;ew*. wq;Dy;; ilf!s; p;U[;* p;;rdx;*k: h;ety;;. Ak:; b;;j;Ul; l;|b;I v; s;v;* m;j;Dy;;]v;rIl attractions ids;t; t;r dus;Ry;; b;;j;Ul; s;m;ud> ik:]v;; b;e!. m;Q;Dy;; l;|b;It; b;s;[;;Ry;;]n;; Hy;; ilf!s; a;t;Dy;; m;;[;s;;]s;k:! v;r-K;;lI j;;t;;n;; ids;t;.

Cruise v;r y;;y;cy;; a;Q;I 's;;t; idv;s; s;t;t; p;;[y;;t; k:s;e k:;$[;;r ?' ax;I k:;Lj;I v;;![;;Ry;; a;mh; s;v;;*]n;; he s;;t; idv;s; k:s;e B;ur*k:n; in;G;Un; g;ele k:Ll] deK;Il n;;hI. ik:t;It;rI activities m;Qy;e B;;g; Gy;;y;c;; r;hUn; g;el; h;et;;. ix;v;;y; as;] relaxed v;;t;;v;r[; s;;e#Un; j;;[;] p;[; j;Iv;;v;r y;et; h;et;]. m;ul] t;r s;v;;*]t; j;;st; rm;lI h;et;I. m;ulIl; wt;ky;; m;EiF;[;I z;;Dy;; h;ety;; k:I x;ev;!cy;; idv;x;I t;I c;;]g;lIc; r#lI. ty;;]n;I s;g;^y;;]n;I Ak:m;ek:;]c;e f:;en; n;]b;s;*, w*-m;el a|#Mes; G;e~n; Ak:m;ek:;]x;I s;]p;k*: @ev;;y;c;] v;c;n; de~n; in;r;ep; G;et;l;. a;i[; a;mhIdeK;Il h; s;uK;d an;uB;v; g;;@Il; G;e~n; 'jy;uv;el a;|f: d s;I' c;; in;r;ep; G;et;l;.

aiQ;k: m;;iht;I\

v;eb;s;;w*!s; /
r;|y;l k|:irib;y;n; k]:p;n;Ic;I v;eb;s;;w*! a;he

b;;k:IhI b;Ry;;c; k>u:z; k]:p;ny;; a;het; ty;;]cy;; v;eb;s;;w*!s; /
ip;>ns;es; /
k:;in;*vhl / www.carnival.com
s;eleib;>!I / www.celebrity.com
ik>:s!l / www.crystalcruises.com
iv;n#s!;r / www.windstarcruises.com
r|i#s;n; s;evhn; s;Ij; k>u:z;es; / www.rssc.com
is;Dvhr s;I / www.silversea.com

Hy;; s;;w*!s;v;rhI m;;iht;I im;LU x;ke:l /

d;en; B;;rt;Iy; k>u:z; k]:p;ny;;]iv;{;y;Is;uQd; Aek:l] a;he.
m;h;r;j;; k>u:z; /
m;s;;l; k>u:z; / www.musicmasala.com
wq;e B;;rt;Iy; K;;[;], B;;rt;Iy; n;;c;-g;;[;]-m;n;;er]j;n; as;t;], B;;rt;Iy; celebrities, T.V., Bollywood personalities special appearance s;;@I y;et;;t;.

k>u:z;c;e dr ty;;-ty;; k]:p;n;Iv;r, t;umhI ku:@e, ku:@Dy;; s;Iz;n;m;Qy;e v; ik:t;I idv;s; j;;t;;y; ty;;v;r av;l]b;Un; as;t;;t;. v;rIl s;v;* v;eb;s;;w*!s;v;r t;e im;Lt;Il. AK;;dY; !M|vhl Aj;]!k:#Un; c;;]g;lI #IDs;hI im;LU x;k:t;;t;.

j;;[y;;c;; c;;]g;l; s;Iz;n;, p;>eZ;[;Iy; sq;L] a;i[; it;q;e k:r;y;cy;;
activities t;umhI ku:@e j;;t;;y; ty;; i@k:;[;;v;r av;l]b;Un; a;he.

-- n;It;; n;;b;r

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